HARARE: The Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe recently sent representatives to a cancer discussion that was organized by Tanyaradzwa Cancer Trust in Harare as October is an important month on the cancer calendar as it is a ‘Breast Cancer Month.”

Three medical practitioners were part of the panelists and they took turns to talk about issues pertaining to cancer:  definition of cancer, types of cancers, symptoms, diagnosis, stages of cancer and treatment of cancer among other things.

The discussion kicked off with a five minute drama of a couple where the wife was diagnosed of breast cancer and the partner was not at first helpful as he still insisted on having his meals prepared by the wife and having his conjugal rights in spite of the fact that the wife had indicated that she was ill.

The man only became supportive after they went to see a doctor together and the woman was diagnosed with stage four of breast cancer. That is when the husband realized the seriousness of the issue.

The panelists encouraged audience to go for screening of various cancers as early detection was key in the treatment of most of the cancers.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr Sindiso Ncube, the Inspections and Dosimetry Manager, Mr Innocent Mayida and the Corporate Communications Officer, Ms Bridget Mudota attended the discussion on behalf of RPAZ.