Departments & Functions



Technical Services

  • Radiochemistry laboratory.

  • Food and materials monitoring.

  • Non-Ionizing Radiation.

  • Dosimetry/Personal Monitoring.

  • Radioactive Waste Management.

  • Consultancy.

  • Training.

  • New Projects.

Regulatory Services

  • Manage the national notification system for radiation sources, practices and activities.

  • To issue, amend, suspend or revoke authorizations.

  • Develop and maintain an up to date national register of radiation sources.

  • To define adequate radiation safety principles and associated criteria consistent with international standards and recommendations.

  • Development of radiation protection regulations, regulatory and technical guides.

  • Maintain national register of sources and dose register.

  • Vehicle contamination monitoring for imports

  • Carrying out compliance assurance and investigative inspections.

  • Enhancing enforcement action for identified non-compliance.

  • Developing, promoting and implementing regulations and regulatory guides.

  • Safety and security of radioactive sources.

  • Dose management.

  • Establishing national emergency preparedness and response arrangements.

  • Nuclear Security for MPE.

  • Expert support in implementation of INSSP.

  • Capacity building of stakeholders with a responsibility for security.

  • Physical Protection of Facilities.


  • Preparing and monitoring budgets, financial and management reports

  • Investment management.

  • Resource mobilization.

  • Advising the Authority on financial matters.

Legal Services and Corporate Affairs

  • Provision of legal advice to the Authority.

  • Legal drafting.

  • Monitoring compliance to statutory obligations and other contractual obligations.

  • Coordinate Board activities.

  • Implement corporate governance framework.

  • Production of the Authority annual report.

Human Resources and Administration

  • Managing the recruitment, selection and advancement function of the Authority.

  • Managing staff welfare.

  • Implementation of HR and Admin Policies, systems and procedures.

  • Administration of the Authority payroll system.

  • Advising the Chief Executive Officer and other departments on all HR and Admin Issues.

  • Managing organisational assets.

  • Administration of discipline and grievance procedures.

  • Management of the Agency transport system.

  • Management of personnel records.

  • Staff development and Training.

  • Management of staff wellness issues.

  • Infrastructure Development.


  • Provision of assurance and advisory services on internal control systems, risk management and governance processes of the Authority.


  • Procurement Services.

Information and Communication Technology

  • Manage information security.

  • Maintenance and support of computer and network security infrastructure.

  • Provision and maintenance of ICT systems.

Corporate Communication

  • Corporate image building and management.

  • Corporate communication.

  • Managing events.

  • Relating with the media and other stakeholders.

Quality Assurance and Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Coordinate the development, implementation and review of management systems.

  • Development of policies, procedures, standards and guides.