Activities Requiring Authorization


Practice Type

1.     Users and handlers of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials  
Laboratories Laboratories that handle some amounts of NORM material for testing purposes
Water Treatment and Purification Users of radioactive tracers in water treatment activities
Ceramics and Building Materials Producers of ceramics / building material
Scrap Processors and Scrap smelters
Fertilizer Producers Users / handlers of phosphate
Mining and Mineral Processing
2.     Human imaging for security purposes  
Whole body Scanning Use of x-ray devices in human imaging for the purposes of theft detection
3.     Exploration and underground studies
Well Logging and Tracing Well logging sources
4.     Industrial radiography
Diamond Sorting Use of x-ray devices for the sorting of diamond mines
Portal Monitoring (Non-Intrusive Scanners) Use of linear accelerators, Co-60 for the inspection of cargo through non-intrusive means.
 Industrial Gamma Radiography Use of radioactive sources for Non -Destructive Testing of material i.e 1r-192
Industrial Gauging (Level, Density, Moisture Density, In-Stream Analysis)
Baggage Scanners X-ray security units used at ports of entry for checking baggage
5.     Industrial X-Ray Generators
X-ray radiography units NDT testing equipment
Analysers XRF Units
6.     Radiotherapy
Brachytherapy High and Medium Dose rate brachytherapy facilities
Teletherapy High energy Linear accelerators, Co-60 facilities
7.     Nuclear Medicine Facilities
Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine Radiopharmaceuticals
Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine Radiopharmaceuticals
8.     Medical Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
General radiology Fixed and mobile x-ray devices and facilities, C-arms
Fluoroscopy devices Fluoroscopy machines
Mammography devices Mammography units
Bone densitometry devices Bone densitometers
Computed tomography CT Scanners
Gamma Knife Gamma Knife units
Cyber Knife Tomotherapy Cyber Knife units
9.     Veterinary Radiography X-ray units used in veterinary practices
10.  Dental Radiography Dental x-ray devices
11.  Academic and Research Radioisotopes used for educational and research purposes, electron capture devices
12.  Service Providers

Suppliers, installers, maintenance service providers of equipment, sources. Consultants