Department Objectives

  • To develop and administer a system of notification of radiation related practices in Zimbabwe
  • To setup and manage the national register of sources.
  • To issue authorizations.

Legislative Requirements

Radiation Protection Act [Chapter 15:15] of 2004

Section 4(1) ‘The functions of the Authority shall be:

to issue standards and norms governing exemption, notification, registration and licensing of radiation sources and radiation protection and safety; and
to issue authorizations for the possession and use of radiation sources;

Section 15(1) ‘No person shall administer ionizing radiation to another person unless the person administering it is in possession of a valid license issued under this Act.’

Section 15(2) ‘An application for the issuance or renewal of a licence under this Act shall be made in the prescribed form to the Board and shall be accompanied by the prescribed fee.’

Section 15(3) ‘After receiving an application for a license or renewal of a license the Board may issue to the applicant the appropriate license or renew the license if it is satisfied that the applicant has proper personnel or appropriate facilities required to operate or safely install, use or store any irradiating device or radioactive materials.’

Section 15(4) ‘a license issued under this Act shall-

be in the prescribed form; and
authorize the licensee to own, purchase, acquire, import, export, possess, sell or deal in, install, use or dispose of, as may be required, irradiating devices, radioactive materials or other sources of ionizing radiation; and
be valid for such a period as the Board may determine; and
contain such conditions as the Board may think necessary for the safe use or disposal of irradiating devices or radioactive materials.