Regulatory Inspections

It is an examination by review of documents, observation, measurement and tests undertaken by the Authority during any stage of the regulatory process to ensure compliance of a facility to legal requirements.


Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe (RPAZ) provides the national dosimetry service for all the radiation workers in Zimbabwe. (In effect all the persons occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation.)  All radiation workers are legally required to be monitored. The  dosimetry  service  entails  the issuing  and  dispatch  of  dosimeters  to radiation  workers  for monitoring  radiation exposure.   At the end of the monitoring period (wearing period), the dosimeters are sent back to the RPAZ which processes the dosimeters once they have been returned and dose results are then sent to the clients.  For this service, an administration fee is charged.


According to Section 4 of the Radiation Protection Act [Chapter 15:15] of 2004 some of the functions and powers of the Authority are
• to issue standards and norms governing exemption, notification, registration and licensing of radiation sources and radiation protection and safety; and
• to issue authorizations for the possession and use of radiation sources;

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This training course is designed to provide the necessary background in radiation health and safety matters to any person who will be appointed as a radiation safety Officer (RSO) within licensed facilities in line with the Radiation Protection Act [Chapter15:15}; Section 16 of the Radiation Protection Act [Chapter 15:15] requires that ‘…the owner or occupier […]


RPAZ hosts four new fellows from the region

HARARE: The International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] has once again shown its confidence in the operations of the Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe [RPAZ] by offering a two- week sponsorship to four fellows from Africa to understudy RPAZ’s Inspectors in an effort to enhance inspection activities in regulatory bodies. The fellows are Ms Linda K […]


KIDZCAN Commemorates World Childhood Cancer Day

HARARE: A non-profit making organisation involved in providing support to children suffering from cancer has commemorated World Childhood Cancer Day in Harare by calling on all citizens and organisations in the country to wear orange and make donations during the week February 15-21 as a way of showing solidarity with the suffering children and those […]

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