RPAZ begins monitoring vehicles for radiation

As part of our mandate to protect the people and the environment against the effects of radiation, we will be monitoring vehicles being imported into Zimbabwe to assess if they are not contaminated with radiation.
This is standard practice meant to enhance the safety of the people against possible exposure to radiation and is done for imports from countries that have experienced nuclear disasters, including vehicles.
Our teams will be deployed at the countries’ ports of entry to monitor the vehicles being imported into the country and if any are found to be contaminated, these will be isolated and decontaminated on site in line with SI 281 of 2020 (Radiation Protection Safety and Security Amendment Regulations 2020 no. 5).
Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe is a regulatory body established under the Radiation Protection Act [Chapter 15:15] with a mandate to protect the people and the environment from the adverse effects of ionizing radiation SI 2020-281 Radiation Protection (Safety and Security of Radiation Sources) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 (No. 5)