Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe (RPAZ) provides the national dosimetry service for all the radiation workers in Zimbabwe. (In effect all the persons occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation.)  All radiation workers are legally required to be monitored.

The  dosimetry  service  entails  the issuing  and  dispatch  of  dosimeters  to radiation  workers  for monitoring  radiation exposure.   At the end of the monitoring period (wearing period), the dosimeters are sent back to the RPAZ which processes the dosimeters once they have been returned and dose results are then sent to the clients.  For this service, an administration fee is charged.

Available Services

1. Personal Dosimetry
Monitoring for X-ray, gamma and beta radiation is done with Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLDs). TLDs are worn in a sealed plastic bag from which it must never be removed.

2. Neutron Dosimetry
TLDs in plastic are used for the monitoring of neutron radiation. The TLD must not be removed from the holder during the specified wearing period. People monitored for neutron radiation must also wear a Panasonic personnel TLD.

3. Extremity Dosimetry (Finger rings)
Finger  rings  are  used  to  monitor  doses  to  extremities.  A  TLD  chip  is  enclosed  in  plastic  on  an aluminium strip. These chips should never be removed from the plastic. The aluminium strip can be bent around a finger or stuck to an unprotected part of the body that is exposed to a close source of radiation.

4. Environmental Dosimetry
TLDs are used to measure the ambient dose in the environment.