Authorization Fees

All authorization fee payments made to the Authority shall be made in accordance with the ACT and with the fees regulations . With the exception of the application fees, Import fees and transport fees, all other authorization fees charged by the Authority are considered to be annual fees.

N.B Fees shall at all times accompany the requisite application forms which is the main recognition of a notification by an applicant. Any fees payments made without the submission of a completed application form shall not be recognized as any form of application for authorization (complete / incomplete). It is therefore important to note that even for new facilities, registration will only be made into the authority’s database once the requisite forms have been submitted.

Payment plans shall only be considered when requests for payment has been approved and granted by the Chief Executive officer.

2023 Fee Schedules are as follows:

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) Fee Schedule

Safety and Security of Radiation Sources Fee Schedule

Technical Services Fees 2023

Training Fees-2023