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The Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe (RPAZ) was established through an Act of Parliament, Radiation Protection Act [Chapter 15:15] of 2004.
Section 4 of the Radiation Protection Act [Chapter 15:15] of 2004 defines the Functions and Powers of the Authority as follows:
(1) The functions of the Authority shall be –

(a) To issue standards and norms governing exemption, notification, registration and licensing of radiation sources and radiation protection and safety; and

(b) to define in regulation standards and norms the exposures that are excluded from regulatory requirements on the basis that they are not capable of being subjected to regulatory control; and

(c) to issue authorisations for the possession and use of radiation sources; and

(d) to define in regulations and authorisations the detailed obligations to be placed on those who possess radiation sources; and

(e) to conduct inspections and obtain performance information concerning radiation sources; and

(f) to take such action as is necessary to enforce any prescribed requirements; and

(g) to protect the health and safety of workers and the members of the general public; and

(h) to accredit persons as suppliers of certain services or facilities necessary to enable licensees, registrants or notifying parties to comply with conditions or requirements imposed by or under this Act; and

(i) to approve persons with specified radiation protection responsibilities; and

(j) to ensure that adequate national arrangements for response to radiological accidents are established; and

(k) to initiate, recommend or provide support for intervention, as appropriate; and

(l) to advise on matters relating to the safety of radiation sources and the disposal of radioactive waste materials or irradiating devices; and

(m) to establish and maintain registers of importers, exporters, manufacturers, users and operators of devices or materials capable of producing ionizing radiation.

(2) For the better exercise of its functions, the Authority shall have power, subject to this Act, to do or cause to be done, either by itself or through its agents, all or any of the things specified in the First Schedule, either absolutely or conditionally and either solely or jointly with others.