Forms & Guides

The table below gives a description of the forms to be submitted by applicants for all types of authorisations required. Guidance for aiding applicants in the completion of each application form is also available at the time of receiving the forms.

Authorised Practice Application Form Scope of USE Associated Form Guide
Use X-Ray Equipment and Facilities RPA-AUTH/FRM-01/XREF/10 Diagnostic Radiology, Interventional Radiology, Dental Radiology, Veterinary Radiology RPA-AUTH/GD-01/XREF/10
(Fixed/Mobile) Gauging, Detection and Other Devices RPA-AUTH/FRM-02/GD/10 All non-medical users i.e Industrial Gauging, Portal Monitoring(Cargo Scanners), Diamond Sorting, Baggage scanning, xrf units, research sources, RPA-AUTH/GD-02/GD/10
Transport/Transit Radiation Device(s)/ Materials RPA-AUTH/FRM-03/TR/10 Isotopes, NORM, yellow cake


Use Unsealed Radioactive Sources in  Medicine RPA-AUTH/FRM-04/NM/10 Nuclear Medicine RPA-AUTH/GD-04/NM/10
Licence to Operate Ionizing Radiation Apparatus RPA-AUTH/FRM-05/LTO/10 Workers who operate, maintain, service radiation  emitting devices RPA-AUTH/GD-05/LTO/10
Import / Export Radiation Device(s) RPA-AUTH/FRM-06/IMEX/10 All radiation emitting devices , radioactive material RPA-AUTH/GD-06/IMEX/10
Dispose radioactive materials/ radiation emitting devices RPA-AUTH/FRM-07/DS/10 All practices
Possess or use Radiotherapy Sources RPA-AUTH/FRM-08/RP/10 Sources and associated equipment in Radiotherapy RPA-AUTH/GD-08/RP/10
Accreditation of Service Providers RPA-AUTH/FRM-09/ACC/13 All types of services RPA-AUTH/FRM-09/ACC/13
Possess and / use NORM RPA-AUTH/FRM-10/NRM/14 Norm related activities